GivingMas: FAQ

How do we find the qualifying family?   


There are a number of ways families come to our attention or are nominated.


  • The web-site

  • Civic Organizations (Example; Family First, VFW) 

  • Employer’s (Example; GoodWill) 

  • Government Agencies (Example; Social Services) 

  • institutions of faith. 


Organizations are encouraged to present families experiencing difficulties but doing their best to take on their challenges on their own. (Remember all of our recipients must have someone gainfully employed within the family core.)



How bundling your cash donations creates more?


By combining several individual cash donations and through the generosity of key retailers, depending on the chosen family needs, we increase value by “donation enhancement” through vendor participation. Below are a few examples;


  • We combined $800 of cash donations to purchase $2,100 worth of new beds thanks to vendor participation.

  • We combined cash donations and provided 4 birthday parties for the family children, and 6 of their friends, using a total of $761 in cash donations and receiving a total retail value $1,161. 

  • $400 in cash donations were converted to a $500 Gift card and 4 individual 25% discount cards from NTB.  


We can leverage so much more value by combining several donations and identifying strategic retailers to stretch individual cash donations into a much more impactful, meaningful donation package. THIS defines the “Mas” part of Givingmas!


Why isn’t the Family at the event?


We never meet with the family until after the announcement event because the family isn’t aware that they have been selected until we present them with gifts you have enabled and provided in concert with our strategic vendor partners. We invite them and, if they choose they can join us the following year to say “Thanks” and share how your efforts have helped them in the prior year, but this is something they decide on their own.  



Where do the proceeds go?


100% of all proceeds go to the sponsored family throughout the upcoming year, in the form of products, services and cash, as needed.