Meet "The Good mom"

Let us tell you about this year’s deserving recipient of Givingmas “Changing lives one Family at a Time” support for 2021


"The Good Mom" is a single mother of 2 boys ages 10 & 13. Those young men have several interests including, but not limited to, sports, the arts, reading and writing.


Mom is not only a great mother but she also served our country in the U.S Navy until receiving her honorable discharged in 2008, for which we are all thankful of her service.


'The family moved here in March of 2020 for several reasons, the two most important being her two boys.  Mom Shared “No place is completely free of crime but what was going on in Tampa was not good for my boys or my future.” They picked Dallas because of the positive economic opportunities for her and better schools for the boys.  Upon moving to Dallas Mom applied for work with the USPS and was excited, however, unfortunately the position was in Ft. Worth and having to rely on public transportation, the commute simply became to challenging. She subsequently requested a transfer to Dallas and is hoping that comes about.

Additionally, Mom understands the importance of education and has been accepted to both N. Texas and Dallas Baptist and is currently awaiting financial aid approval to determine where to matriculate. As example of her focus on helping herself, Mom has already completed all her general ed courses and is re-entering higher education as a Junior with hopes to complete her degree in Criminal Justice/Psychology in less then 2 years. 


Mom is also actively looking for PT employment which we are hoping to help with, to support her family and help facilitate and partially fund her on-line school schedule. 


Showing her drive to support her family, Mom is Givingmas’s 1st ever self-nominated family. She had no idea what Givingmas does and was simply looking for help for her boys when she applied to be nominated.   In her nomination narrative she shared the following; "Throughout the years, with no father, my boys have had many trials and challenges, add this pandemic coupled with the move to Dallas, they have proven to be brave and strong through it all. I just want to give them something they deserve."

Mom and family are the perfect model of  Givingmas is all about!


  • Expand their careers

  • Provide resources for the kids

  • Secure a reliable vehicle

  • Cope with other daily struggles


At Givingmas, we have a passion for helping others. Do you know a family who is in need of some assistance? If you would like to request a donation for a family in need, just fill out this form with all the neccessary information and a member of the Givingmas team will be in touch with you shortly. 


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