Young Grandma, (YG) setting her example.

A 44 year old single mother of three and grandmother of two.


YG is currently supporting her teenage son, who has aspirations of attending college ahead. YG spends a significant amount of time supporting her daughter, a single mother of two so their mom can maintain full time employment.


YG has spent years trying to support herself and family through a series of jobs working in the volatile Call Center industry. She worked herself up to Supervisor at her last position, only to be part of a downsizing and seeing all but one of the supervisors released. 


After years of trying to make a living in Call Centers and tired of the ups and downs of the industry, YG took the initiative to research career options that would provide long term security. She determined a position in healthcare was the answer. She is dedicated to becoming Certified Medical Assistant. (CMA) This requires a CMA certification. Working with Job Service YG is now enrolled in the CMA program at a local Community College. YG is determined, keeping her GPA over a 35 (Straight A’s on her last report card) 


Going to school doesn’t pay the bills. YG struggles with meeting basic family needs while continuing to complete her certification, plus the required internship and having to return the Call Center world. Plus, her vehicle is in disrepair often forcing her to use public transportation to get to school and grocery store. 


With your donation Givingmas will help YG complete her degree, fix her car, and deal with other daily life struggles. 

The “Brady’s”

The Brady’s are the joining of two families fighting to make it on their own. A young couple with 7 children between the two of them, has a long story of struggling and perseverance. The children range from teenage to as young as 2 years, including a set of twins, including a young boy with autism.

The “Brady’s” were nominated by Family Gateway.

Their struggles started when Mr. Brady’s landscaping business, underfunded and unable to compete in a highly competitive industry, was forced to close. The loss of income cascaded into a series of hardships including the loss of their vehicle and eventually their home. 

Having to turn to Family Gateway to survive, the Brady’s immediately took advantage of Gateway’s opportunities. A “first class family” according to Family Gateway Director, Kathy Kidwell.  Gateway helped Mr. Brady obtain employment as a dishwasher at a restaurant downtown. He held his head high went to work every day, working his way up to lead cook, gaining the highest level of respect of his supervisors due to his dedication and reliability.


Able to obtain an apartment and purchase an old Tahoe, that is not reliable, he generally uses public transportation to get to work. They are working hard to provide for themselves. 

Mr. Brady has aspirations of expanding his culinary career and Mrs. Brady would like to obtain a Medical Transcription Certification so she can work from home.  

It’s not hard to figure out how your donation will help the Brady’s change both in the short term and, most importantly, the long term.

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