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Check out what we have accomplished in our first 90 days with "Dad's the Cook"

  • Set up an interview with a new job, where he was hired for a full time position.

  • Stopped the eviction process and assisted in setting up a repayment plan.

  •  Replaced broken out vehicle windows and provided vehicle maintenance.

  • Began the credit education and repair process. 

  • Scheduled a meeting with a bank and provided a financial advisor to assist with next steps in the road to financial success. 

  • Dad's the Cook recently lost his long term position at Waffle House and was declared ineligible for rehire. We encouraged him to challenge HR's decision and after a full investigation the decision was reversed. (An example of how we provide resources and encouragement to take control of one's life.)

  • We have raised $2300.00 and $1400.00 dollars worth of goods and services for a total of $3700.00 raised towards helping our family. 

Our single father grew up with a challenging home life. As the oldest of 3, with no father and an addicted mother, he took it upon himself to make sure his younger siblings made it to school and were fed. This experience developed his passion for cooking.


Throughout his years as a cook, he researched and developed his own brand of seasoning that was on display at the restaurant where he worked for several years. Due to extenuating circumstances, he recently parted ways with that restaurant, but has secured a new cook position through an interview opportunity arranged by Givingmas.


"Dad's the Cook's" pride and joy is his 13 year old daughter. She is a well rounded student that participates in drama, band, and sports.

His main goals are to learn about credit repair and entrepreneurship in order to offer her a better childhood and life than his own.


Why "Dad's the Cook" is a Givingmas Family:

  • Dedicated father

  • Due to circumstances, he is facing challenges

  • He has demonstrated a willingness and desire to work and be self-sustaining

  • He has never learned the importance or skills of having good credit, a budget, etc...


How is "Dad's the Cook" hoping Givingmas can help?

  • He has requested credit education and repair

  • Employment Assistance

  • Strategy to help with daughter's higher education goals

  • Developing a plan to become a successful entrepreneur and learn how to

      expand distribution of his seasoning line.

Donate today to help ensure Dad's the Cook's success!

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