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Meet Our Newest 
Family Addition

Redemption Mom

In a world that can often seem harsh and unyielding, there are inspiring stories of individuals who rise above their circumstances with unwavering determination. Kristen, a 33-year-old single mother with a 14-year-old daughter, is one such individual who has faced life's challenges head-on while maintaining a vision of doing the right thing. Her journey has been a testament to her commitment and resilience.

Kristen's life has been a rollercoaster of hardships and struggles. Growing up in a nomadic manner, she attended four different high schools during her senior year and lived in various cities across Texas. The homes she shared with her father lacked basic amenities like windows and running water, making her childhood anything but easy. At one point, the weight of her circumstances felt unbearable, and she admitted, "I just expected to die!"
Despite the adversity she faced, Kristen embraced motherhood at a young age, giving birth to her daughter right after high school. How
ever, the challenges of addiction and an unstable lifestyle made it difficult for her to provide a nurturing environment for her child. In a courageous and selfless act, she decided to entrust her daughter's custody to her mother, ensuring that her child had the stability and care she deserved.

The turning point in Kristen's life came when she took charge of her struggles and embarked on the path of sobriety.

With incredible determination, she remained sober for over two years, a remarkable achievement given her difficult past. It was during this time that she encountered Restored Hope, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals like Kristen to rebuild their lives.

Restored Hope recognized Kristen's potential and embraced her as part of their family.
Through their support and guidance, Kristen's life began to transform. She worked diligently at Our Calling, a refuge for the homeless, where she demonstrated unwavering commitment, never missing a single day of work. Her resilience and dedication to helping others shone through, making her an invaluable member of the team.
Givingmas, a heartwarming initiative that believes in spreading love and support after other organizations support comes to a end, will play pivotal role in Kristen's journey to success. As part of the Givingmas family, Kristen was given the opportunity to express her wishes, hopes, and dreams. The response was a reflection of her genuine and selfless character. Her wish list was simple but profound:
1. Get her bike fixed.
2. Save for a car.
3. Enroll in school this fall to pursue her degree.

Kristen's journey to success was not without its challenges.

She identified three key areas where she needed to focus her efforts:

1. She aimed to shift her focus from dwelling on the past to embracing the present possibilities of tomorrow. Kristen understood the importance of living in the present and working towards a brighter future for herself and her daughter.
2. Not to replace her drug addiction with a food addi
3. Perhaps the most profound desire for Kristen was to reunite with her daughter. Her love for her child was evident, and she was committed to reaching a place in life where she could bring her daughter back into her arms.
As Kristen graduates from Restored Hope, she steps into a new chapter of her life filled with hope, determination, and possibilities. Her commitment to her sobriety, her unwavering work ethic, and her genuine love for her daughter have been the cornerstones of her success.
Through the support of Givingmas, Kristen's journey will be smoother and more empowering. The fixing of her bike will enable her to commute conveniently, while she has saved for a car, Givingmas will cover her insurance for 6 months. She is enrolling in school to pursue her degree will be the stepping stone to a brighter future and a world of possibilities.
Doesn’t Kristen sound like a deserving Givingmas mom?

Together, we can be the catalysts for transformation and success, just as Givingmas has been for
Kristen - the Redemption Mom.

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