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Meet The Team

Our entire team is 100% volunteer-based.  Not one dollar is spent on salaries

We're proud to introduce the Givingmas Board of Directors, a team of appointed leadership volunteers who help guide, plan and direct our strategic plan to serve our mission.

Mike Keating
Founder & President

Mike has dedicated efforts throughout his professional and personal life to "positions with a purpose." Givingmas is a result of his long history of philanthropy and servant leadership. In 1997, while working for South Dakota's Governor, William Janklow, Mike was the director of The Governor's House, a prison vocational training program. This state-run facility trained inmates in HVAC, carpentry roofing, electrical, and framing. The program's inmates built affordable housing and daycare centers for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, low-income families, and communities needing child care at no profit. After his time with The Governor's House, Mike became a partner in Availability Employment Services, which assisted those struggling to find careers and provide for their families.


Mike has also had leadership roles in many civic organizations, including United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Governors Appeal Board, The Board of Adjustments, and the Jaycees. Mike's rewards come from his lifelong passion for mentoring youth through Big Brothers/Sisters, Good Guys, and personal contacts. He has maintained 20+ year relationships with several of his mentees.


John is a Senior Manager at Infosys and former Vice President, Business Development at AT&T. John led the design, development, and delivery of managed services supporting the $10+ billion System Integrator and Global Outsourcing market segments. John has chaired or been a member of several community/business services organizations throughout his career. He has served as President of the Oregon Creative Services Alliance, board member of the Portland Advertising Federation, and the Board of Advisors with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce.


John has worked with the local community organizations and schools to deliver quality tutoring and academic support to motivated economically at-risk students who face daily challenges.


As Secretary of Givingmas, John maintains our status as a non-profit 501 (c ) (3) organization and manages communications and public relations.

Jared crewse

Jared is a strategic chief financial officer with a vast knowledge of executive-level accounting and finance, He is owner of TradeLine Motorcars and CFO of iDonate (both are Givingmas partners). Jared is a seasoned entrepreneur with a deep background in growing successful businesses from the ground up, As Treasurer of Givingmas, he serves as a financial manager for the organization, maintaining banking relationships, managing donations, and developing our budget.

Jared's career highlights include:

• Raising millions in new capital to finish the build-out of enterprise sales and operations teams.
• Negotiating and implementing a new, innovative payment processing capability to increase product and revenue generation.
• Implementing a new HR management capability delivering significant benefits, including cost reduction, enhanced reporting, and a self-service option for employees.
• Cultivating and leveraging strong relationships with investors, financial institutions, and private equity companies while meeting operational and reporting requirements.

Tommy donahue
At-Large Board Member

At the age of 21, Tommy almost lost his life in a terrible hit and run accident. At that time, he realized how precious life is. Tommy decided during his recovery that he would try to dedicate his life to "giving back". Givingmas is exactly that type of organization. Tommy hopes that his experience in other non-profits can add value & growth to Givingmas. 

Tommy is also a member of the Dallas Amputee Network, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that takes pride in supporting, mentoring, and guiding amputees, their families, and caregivers in the North Texas area.


As representatives of Givingmas, our volunteer ambassadors assist in the organization's outreach and fundraising efforts. Excited to give their time, they work together, utilizing their individual talents to help reach our goals.

Ambassador Commitments.png


"I'm a Sales Executive with Ty, Inc., one of the largest toy companies in the world; so naturally, spreading joy is nothing new to me. I firmly believe my love for spreading joy is why I fell in love with the missions Givingmas takes on. Giving (More) than one day of joy and taking on the task of changing lives. It's also why I'm the Ambassador of Media Relations and gifts, to help continue changing lives and spreading joy to all of the lives we touch."



"I've been a Dallas resident for 6 years and teach 1st grade for Mesquite ISD. I have been an Ambassador for Givingmas since 2019. I embrace the vision of Givingmas; while taking care of immediate family issues, our vision and commitment is an everlasting transformation of our families' lives. I love reading and teaching!"


jennifer messitt roberts

It is a privilege to be part of Givingmas, helping the community one family at a time. It's a perfect fit for me.

IMG_8560 (2).jpg

Sonya Hidnet




" The Givingmas organization is near and dear to my heart, and I have an unnatural obsession with juice boxes and squirrels!"



"Givingmas is a wonderful grassroots organization that allows volunteers to really be entrenched in making a difference! I love working with the Senior Leadership and the other volunteers to positively impact other families lives. It is very humbling to experience the reactions of those families chosen and what they do to improve their circumstances with our help."


Rebecca Hern

Rebecca joins us with over 13 years of financial experience with a large part of her career spent in banking. She joined GivingMas because she wanted to help families with the willingness to make their lives better be successful. She will be helping families learn to budget properly, manage their credit and learn to obtain financial goals.



“I work in the IT field, and I can usually be found running video and handling other IT needs at Givngmas events. I believe in UFOs, and you should see my perfect moonwalk!"



"I am a Senior Account executive with Smartling, a Global translation, and software company. I enjoy volunteering at Givingmas because I believe in the mission of helping one family at a time. The dedicated, special attention families receive from Givngmas makes the families feel part of something big! I am happy to be part of a local organization that strives to help people with their everyday lives."


Karen Cuskey

Karen Cuskey is a 30+ year resident of Dallas that has one mission in life: leave the world better than she found it.



"I value the mission and the organization's ability to help families succeed in school and life. I feel blessed to be a small part of the Givingmas community."



Come back soon to learn more about Melanie.

Aimee_2 (002).jpg

Aimee Padden

I joined Givingmas because I wanted to make a positive difference in my community. Joining Givingmas has also allowed me to meet like-minded people who share my passion for social equality and community service!


Through partnership with these exceptional public, private and humanitarian organizations and the support of forward-thinking foundations, Givingmas is empowering families by providing the support, resources and inspiration they need to be successful. We are grateful for the support from our loyal partners and supporters.  

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