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Making Real Change In The Lives Of DFW Families

Givingmas is giving Metroplex families a hand up, not a handout, and this approach has shown results. By inviting our families to be a part of their lasting change, we work to give them more of a stake in their future.

Our organization is focused on giving DFW families in need the assistance they need to reach self-sustainability. Since every family has their own unique needs, we provide a breadth of assistance. Reach out to learn more about everything we do, including:

  • It can be a struggle for some families to have access to the quality training and education that they need to find success. We work to help our families find lasting stability through obtaining a GED, taking steps toward college, and more.

  • Financial education and assistance, including making plans for their financial future. This can include setting up a new bank account, repairing a low credit score, or bringing them up to date on missed payments for rent or utilities

  • Assisting families to clear up any legal violations and warrants, so that they can find their way out from under these obligations in their development. When these hang over families, it can be a burden that holds people back

  • Here in North Texas, a working vehicle is a necessity, and we make sure that our families have what they need for transportation. Each family takes on an active role in maintaining insurance and related efforts so that they stay invested in their personal and professional growth.

making a difference since 2015 









Family Testimonials

"I owe my GED to the Givingmas familly.  It was not only the financial support but the amazing encouragement I received from so many of your supporters that drove me to pass the tests."

— Jessica P.

"I had to leave my abusive relationship and moved to Dallas for a new life.  Thanks to Family Gateway and Givingmas, my family and I received a fresh start.  I cannot thank you enough."

— Donna D

I can't express enough what Givingmas has meant to me and my family.  Because of Givingmas, I have my very first drivers license (at the age of 37).  My record is now cleaned up, no more warrants.  I have my first "career" position with full benefits and my wife has now earned her GED.  There is so much more...

— Exekiel




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