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Meet A True Story
Of Family Success


Natasha came to Givingmas through Exodus Ministries, traveling many roads to make to where she is today. Starting off with a troubled childhood, her mother tried her best at raising her child, but unfortunately struggled with addiction.

This addiction was passed on to Natasha, who started living on her own at the age of 13. Through years of hardship and struggles under the wrong influence sadly led to her incarceration as a mother of two young boys.

Natasha Has Transformed Her Life

36 months after being released, Natasha enrolled in Exodus Ministries, a decision that changed her life forever. She now has full custody of those loving boys and continues to make great strides in improving her situation.

Givingmas has been proud to help Natasha through her amazing development, including financial education and transportation assistance. As with all of our families, Natasha has been fully invested in her own growth, giving her the opportunity to find lasting success.

Working With Our Families To Create Lasting Success. That’s The Givingmas Goal

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